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Definitions: for clarification 'YOU' Customer, Purchaser, and Client means the reader, the user of this website and pages and content displayed and customer, purchaser or Client. 'I' 'ME' 'MY' and 'US' means www.LaszloNyary.com.

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DISCLAIMER: www.LaszloNyary.com is an internet based online porthole for the purpose of selling graphic and related art and custom designed services. We reserve our RIGHT refuse any orders, inconsequential to your own desire to acquire or purchase services, artwork, and prints. All information and material, contained therein are provided on an "AS IS" basis without warranties or guarantees of accuracy of any kind, either expressed or implied. Most items listed on this site is either custom made for you as per your order, custom printed such as aircraft profiles or are one-of-a-kind such as paintings therefore they are NOT refundable. YOU EXPRESSLY AGREE THAT THIS AND ALL PURCHASES, The USE OF ALL INFORMATION, ITEMS, SERVICES RENDERED IS AT YOUR SOLE RISK WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY. I am not responsible for any shipping damage, always buy tangible items with postage/freight insurance!


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