My name is Laszlo

Those people who know me personally always described me as a very passionate when it came to my creativity, artistic visions, paintings and photographs. I was recognized from an early age to be very creative and I love pursuing my interests in photography and visual arts.

My interest in photography began at age 6 when I received my first 35mm camera from my father. I've been taking photographs since then. My talent for drawings and paintings were recognized by my teachers in school and by several graphic artists whom I knew at an early age. I stared to paint with oils in the late 1960's. With very good results as I sold my first painting while I was still in junior high school. As I was always interested in technical things, I studied mechanical drafting and upon graduation from high school, I worked as a draftsman for about 10 years. In the mid seventies, I started to take photography a bit more seriously and with my Minolta 35mm SLR equipment and I later transitioned to professional grade Nikon equipment.

At the advent of the digital SLR revolution decided that "film" cameras had their day, and switched over totally to digital technology in 2001. In 2005, I decided to endeavour in photography on a full time bases. My equipment consisted of top of the line professional Nikon full frame digital cameras, and professional Nikkor lenses.

My scope of interest in photography is wide and was never limited to just certain segments, say landscape or wildlife, but started to take images of aircraft at air shows, air-to-air, air-to-ground, static and air bases worldwide. At the same time I became involved with e-based magazine publication, first with The Magazine by AIRSHOWSREVIEW until November 2014 and with The Aviation Magazine until August, 2018. Some of the issues are shown below. My artwork, photographic images were displayed not just on the covers but illustrated in many articles throughout the years.


In the Spring of 2018, my aircraft profile illustration won an international competition held by the Belgian Air Force's 1st Squadron aka Thistle Squadron or just as "Stingers" for the image of their F-16 100th Anniversary Jet. A signed print of my illustration from the 1st Squadron is shown below.

My Professional memberships include membership with Nikon Professional Services.