Laszlo's aircraft profile art

My aircraft profile prints are available in 13x19" custom prints. Please download the .pdf file for a complete listings of aircraft which includes WWI, WWII fighters, trainers to current aircraft used by air forces worldwide. They are highly detailed and researched for accuracy. To see an enlarged detail that you can expect click here.

My latest profiles

MiG-21 PF  507 Asronaut's  aircraftMiG-21Bis sharkyMiG-21 Bis Boszorkany SquadronUH-1 Huey 498th medical company vietnamSee large sample of F7U-1 Blue AngelsA larger sample of the Tornato ECR-IDS NATO NTM 2019 F-5 sample RCAF 419 Squadron and Swiss AFF-35B Green Knights


See sample by clicking on above iamge!


Download complete aircraft profile listing

Many of my aircraft profile prints, as well as photos, have been recognized by the pilots who flew these aircraft in the past here are a couple of samples.


In the Spring of 2018, one of my aircraft profile illustration won an international competition held by the Belgian Air Force's 1st Squadron aka Thistle Squadron or just as "Stingers" for the image of their F-16 100th Anniversary Jet.


Click on image for a downloadable sample of the signed print.

A sample of profiles available:

Li-2 Malev over Budapest by Laszlo NyaryJu 86K-4 RHUAF by Laszlo NyaryJu 88A-4 Royal Hungarian Air ForceJu 88 G-1 Nightfighter LuftwaffeF7U-1 Blue AngelsTornado ECR-IDS NTM 2019Bavarian Tiger  Bronze Tiger 2014Italian EF2000 Eurofighter  EF2000Typhon EF2000AVRO 504KFokker D VIIHanriot HD1MS 230EFiat Cr1WM-23Me 210Ca1Me 109GHarvard AT-16-NDDH-100 VampireOV-1A MohawkHawk OneCT-144Mirage 5BA BlackbirdA-10 Demo TeamDHC-5 BuffaloCT-156E-2CE-2DF-18F Super HornetF-16I SufaCF-18Alpha Jet CF-18F-16MLUMirage 2000NRafale MRafale MShavrov Sh-2F-35A Heritage TeamF-35B Marines VMFA-121F-35B VMFA-121 landingF-15E Strike Eagle CT-155 HawkUH-1Swiss 038 F-5 Tiger IICF-116 F-5 Moose Sqn



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